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Access to Water: for El Triunfo, Namasigüe

We celebrate the completion of Water System Project #10 in the communities of Guamerú and Costa Azul, Namasigüe. This important project, valued at over L 2,825,000, includes an elevated tank with a capacity of 15,000 gallons, a pumping network, an electrical system, a well, and a distribution network with household connections. 

Today, 126 households already enjoy access to the vital liquid with the quality and quantity they deserve. Thanks to this project, the residents of these communities will no longer suffer from water scarcity or must walk long distances to get it. 

This is a step forward in the fight against the water access problem facing Honduras, providing each family with the dignity and well-being they deserve. We are extremely excited and proud to contribute to this profound and necessary change.


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