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Starting with the Preparations for the Construction of 40 Sanitary Modules in Los Prados, Namasigüe!

With the invaluable support of our ally Costa Meeresspezialitäten, we have begun the construction process of 40 sanitary modules. This project is more than just a construction; it is a step forward toward solving one of the most critical issues in Honduras: basic sanitation. In our country, limited access to adequate sanitation affects not only the health of our communities but also their socio-economic and environmental development. The lack of proper sanitary infrastructure is a challenge many families face, putting their well-being at risk and exposing them to diseases. The new sanitary modules in Los Prados represent a beacon of hope. They will not only improve the quality of life for 40 families but will also have a positive impact on public health, reducing the incidence of diseases related to inadequate sanitation. Furthermore, by promoting hygienic practices, these modules contribute to environmental respect and the sustainable development of the community. This project exemplifies how, by working together, we can overcome challenges and build a better future for Honduras.

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