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Medical and Dental Care

In Honduras, there are 8.7 doctors for every 10,000 inhabitants, a statistic that greatly weakens the country's health system.


In FUNDESUR we are committed to improving the quality of life in rural communities in the coastal area of southern Honduras, we have programs such as "Health for Living", which has 10 doctors which are distributed in 10 health centers, providing general medical consultations, minor surgery, cures, prenatal care, cytology, colposcopy, among others. In addition, each health center receives a quarterly supply of basic medicines and previously identified specialized treatments.

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Our "Building Smiles" program has a dentist who rotates weekly through the health centers where we are present to provide dental care, such as cleanings, extractions and even partial or total restorations.

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Sanitary Modules

According to the morbidity reports generated by the Health Units we manage, gastrointestinal diseases are among the main conditions that most afflict the population, which is related to the consumption and management of water in unsafe conditions, inadequate disposal of stool and gray water, inadequate management of solid waste and the practice of bad hygiene habits.


Therefore, we made efforts in rural coastal areas in the departments of Choluteca and Valle, managing improvements in domestic sanitary infrastructure through the construction of modules, which have a washable peasant toilet, water reservoir, laundry and bathing area, accompanied by training programs on sanitary education.


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Water Projects

The lack of water is one of the main problems facing our communities in southern Honduras, it is estimated that more than 1 million people do not have access to water service.


To date, we have delivered 9 water projects, which consist of their respective well, elevated tank with a capacity of 15 thousand gallons, automated chlorination system, electrical system, pumping house and its respective distribution network, allowing the villagers to have the vital liquid in the quantity and quality they deserve

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