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Continuing Our Volunteering Activities

In an atmosphere filled with enthusiasm and solidarity, the Green Shield Nursery experienced an incredible weekend during the second session of its volunteer program. The stars of this successful day were the students from Del Valle American School, who, with their active and committed participation, made a significant contribution to the reforestation project. Thanks to the dedication of these 17 enthusiastic students and volunteers, an impressive milestone was achieved: filling more than 1,200 bags for the planting of new seeds, marking a step forward in environmental conservation efforts.

This event not only demonstrates the importance of environmental education among the youth, but also underscores the power of community collaboration towards a greener future. Are you ready to be part of this wonderful initiative? Green Shield Nursery invites you to join their next volunteer activity this weekend. It's a unique opportunity to contribute to reforestation and live an unforgettable experience, get inspired to be part of the change!

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