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Young Volunteers Drive Reforestation at the Green Shield Nursery!

At the Green Shield nursery, last weekend, we carried out an educational and environmental activity with the participation of young volunteers. These enthusiasts learned about the importance of trees in the ecosystem and actively participated in preparing the soil, a crucial stage for plant cultivation. The importance of nutrient-rich and well-drained soil was emphasized, and volunteers gained practical knowledge by preparing the soil and filling cultivation bags with the right mix of soil and nutrients, readying them for planting new seeds.


This event not only contributed to the nursery's reforestation project but also provided a valuable opportunity to educate and motivate young people in environmental protection. The seed planting was a symbolic act of hope and commitment to a greener future, inspiring the volunteers to continue their work in environmental care. This activity at the Green Shield nursery highlighted the importance of working together to improve and conserve our natural environment.

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