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February Newsletter 2024| FUNDESUR

We kick off the school season with great enthusiasm!

Since 2015, we have been committed to the education of our children, and this year is no exception. We are excited to announce that we have started delivering 9,875 school kits to children in the southern coastal area of Honduras. 

With an investment of over 2.4 million lempiras, we have expanded our reach to more than 180 educational centers, benefiting students from 8 municipalities in the departments of Choluteca and Valle. Each kit, consisting of a backpack and essential supplies, represents a valuable tool for learning and development. 

Our goal goes beyond the simple delivery of materials. We aim to make a significant impact in the fight against school dropout. We firmly believe that education is a cornerstone in the advancement and progress of both individuals and societies. Through it, we seek to improve social welfare, boost economic growth, open doors to better jobs, and raise the cultural level of our population.

We continue to advance with the distribution of medicines provided by MAP International!

We focus on the well-being of the most vulnerable families in our country. This time, in collaboration with World Vision Honduras and MAMLESIP La Paz Honduras and with a donation of more than L 54,500,000 in medicines and supplies, we are reaching many communities facing significant health challenges in the Departments of La Paz and Intibucá. 

Our main objective is to prevent diseases and offer treatment for a variety of pathologies, both common and complex. We are committed to reaching more than 200,000 people through different Assistance Centers in the area.

United for Hope!

We want to share a reality that touches our hearts: in Honduras, more than one child is diagnosed with cancer every day. Since 2017, we have embraced this noble cause, offering hope and support to the brave children and their families in this difficult battle. 

This year, we reaffirm our commitment with a contribution of L 200,000 for oncological treatment. We know the road is hard, but you are not alone. 

Early detection and appropriate treatment are key; more than 80% of children can overcome cancer if it is diagnosed and treated in time. 

Every recovered smile, every day won in this fight, fills us with hope.

We completed the distribution of medicines from our invaluable ally, MAP International's fourth container!

This time, we had the honor of collaborating with the Humanitarian Aid Network of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With these deliveries, we have managed to meet the needs of 33 health establishments in 10 departments of our country. 

In these critical times for health in Honduras, the alliance with MAP International has become a beacon of hope. Their constant support has allowed us not only to provide essential medicines but also to strengthen our capacity to respond to health emergencies. Thanks to this collaboration, thousands of Hondurans have received the desperately needed medical care. 

This alliance is a true example of solidarity and commitment to the well-being of our people. Together, we are making a significant difference in the lives of many, bringing not just medicines, but also hope to the communities that need it most.

Another day full of achievements at our Green Shield nursery!

With the enthusiasm and dedication of our team of volunteers, last Friday we reached a new milestone, filling 760 bags for seeds. These bags will be the start of new trees that will soon enrich our environment. 

In just three weekends, our volunteers have managed to prepare 2,000 bags, a clear testament to the power of collaboration and commitment to nature. Each filled bag represents a seed of hope for our planet, one more step towards a greener and more sustainable future. 

This effort is not only a contribution to the environment but also a reflection of what we can achieve when we work together for a common purpose. It inspires and motivates us to continue, knowing that every small act of volunteering is actually a great victory for our planet.

Entrepreneurship and sustainability, the new play by Jarvis Green Post-NFL!

We had the honor of hosting a very special guest: Jarvis Green, a former NFL star and 2-time Super Bowl winner. But Jarvis is not only known for his impressive sports career, but he is also a successful entrepreneur in the food industry. 

After retiring from football, Jarvis dove into the business world with the launch of Oceans97, a shrimp wholesaling company making waves in the industry. But that's not all; he is also the founder of The Green Reef Foundation, a foundation dedicated to noble causes. 

The purpose of his visit was twofold, to explore new international markets and, more importantly, to understand the social impact of shrimp farming companies in Honduras. 

We are inspired by his vision and dedication, not only in the sports field but also in his commitment to sustainable and social development.

Great Closing of the 7th Barber Workshop!

We are proud to announce the closure of our 7th Barber Workshop, an essential part of the "Yo Emprendo con Fundesur" program. In a context where more than 2.4 million Hondurans face employment difficulties, representing 62% of the workforce, our efforts take on even more meaning. 

In the beautiful community of Punta Ratón, Marcovia, after 90 hours of dedication and effort, 9 talented participants have completed this learning journey. With them, we have trained a total of 80 young people in the art of barbering, coming from 25 different coastal communities. 

These 9 new barbers are now equipped to start their businesses, ready to generate income that will contribute to the well-being of their families. 

We are filled with emotion and hope to see these young people taking the reins of their future, demonstrating that change and progress are possible with effort and dedication.



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