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Bulletin February 2022

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Life History

Bulletin February 2022

Life History

“I am a native of the community of El Polvo, Nacaome, after having worked for a long time and raised my 4 children, now I am a housewife and live with my husband, I am a volunteer at the health center of this community, center to which today I owe the welfare of my health.

I was diagnosed more than 3 years ago with chronic diabetes and acute gastritis, as a side effect of having contracted the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria. Every month I come for an appointment with Dr. Cinthia Mendoza, from FUNDESUR, she is very kind and patient with us and it is a blessing to have her help at the health center. Since I was diagnosed, I have never lacked medicine or attention and that is a great help for us, who are poor people. We no longer have to travel by bus to Nacaome, sometimes I did not have the money for the ticket and I missed my appointment, so they did not give me the medicine for that month either, and my health was affected, I walked without energy and I have always been an active woman in my work, now I feel better, with my sugar under control, since the health center is close to my house.

I want to thank FUNDESUR and the shrimp farmers for all the help they give us, without the attention of the doctor and without the medicines, it would be like taking an arm off all of us, that is why we hope they continue to help us at the health center in Agua Fria, the community needs them.”

Personal Story

Josefina Mejía

We want healthier communities!

We believe that health is one of the main pillars for individual and collective development. We joined the Medical Brigade carried out by the 101st Infantry Brigade "General Francisco Morazán" in San José de la Landa, Choluteca; with the participation of 5 doctors of our team who provided general consultations, our dentist and the donation of medicines and food.

Working for a future with better opportunities!

One of our greatest concerns is the lack of opportunities in rural communities, and that is why together with Grupo Granjas Marinas and World Vision Honduras we signed an important agreement to consolidate the development of southern Honduras.

This valuable alliance will allow people in vulnerable situations to strengthen and develop life skills, violence prevention, access to safe water and sanitation, as well as to opt for new employment opportunities, scholarships and seed capital; contributing to improve the quality of life in our communities.

We delivered our school 44!

When it comes to improving educational conditions, Cargill is one of our main allies; together we have delivered 14 Education centers.

On this occasion we built the Lempira Rural Mixed School, in the community of El Fantasioso, Choluteca; which consists of 72 square meters of construction, a sanitary module of 4 units with its respective tank and water reservoir, investing a total of L 779,831.31.

Seeing the happiness of the children, parents and community in general for having optimal facilities to receive the power of knowledge, fills us with great joy.

We are sure that it is through education that we will achieve more prosperous and developed communities.

Working to provide a better education!

The delivery of 61 backpacks and school kits in Isla Boca del Río Viejo, Marcovia, was quite an adventure.

After crossing by boat to the island, we were able to see the enormous joy that each child transmitted through the brightness reflected in their eyes, for having in their hands the tools that will help them receive the bread of knowledge in this new school year.

It fills us with happiness to know that, with our contribution to education, we are helping the new generations to have a future with greater opportunities and hope.

47 Sanitary Modules delivered!

In the community of Montelimar, Namasigüe, where we recently delivered 47 sanitary modules with an investment of L 1,345,422; with the underlying problem that this community and their families had by not having adequate facilities to carry out their physiological needs, collect water, take a bath, wash their clothes and kitchen utensils; frequently causing gastrointestinal and dermatological diseases.

FUNDESUR pregnant women's club!

We are carrying out our clubs for pregnant women throughout the 10 health centers where we have FUNDESUR doctors, as we know the enormous importance of proper monitoring during pregnancy, to avoid complications in the process.

On this occasion we talked about prenatal control and the ideal diet during the gestation period, we gave a talk about Covid-19 and the participants received their respective medication for a better prenatal control.

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