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Donation of Equipment and Supplies to Hospital General del Sur

by Fundesur / News / 14 junio, 2018

FUNDESUR and Project CURE make a donation aimed at strengthening the healthcare capacities of Hospital Regional del Sur.

The process began months ago with the completion of a diagnosis of needs carried out by Project CURE experts that were brought by FUNDESUR, who also absorbed the approximately L 500,00.00 in costs so that such donation could reach the Hospital del Sur. Likewise, the equipment and supplies did not represent any cost for the Hospital; the latter was a donation from Project C.U.R.E. with an approximate value of L 14,317,249.00.

The equipment and supplies will be distributed to the rooms with greater needs in this hospital, such as: labor, neonatal ward, operating room, recovery, ultrasound, physiotherapy, kitchen and offices. The donation includes a complete equipment for the operating room, anesthesia machine, beds for critical care, electric and hospital beds and their respective mattresses, cribs for babies with cushions, autoclave, vital signs monitors, surgical orthopedic plates, orthopedic boots, nebulizers, thermometers and machines for physical therapies.

This donation also includes chairs, desks, tables for waiting rooms, garbage cans, exam tables, isolation curtains and other hospital supplies, such as personal cleaning supplies for men, women and children, hospital gowns and others that will improve medical care. The aforementioned supplies will primarily benefit the patients who attend the hospital on a daily basis.

It is important to note the confidence that Project C.U.R.E. has placed in FUNDESUR. C.U.R.E. works with a global network of partners in order to deliver supplies and equipment to the facilities requesting assistance.

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