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Donation of Hospital Materials and Supplies to Hospital Regional del Sur

by Fundesur / News / 1 junio, 2018

The Southern Zone Development Foundation (FUNDESUR) and Operación Bendición Honduras (OBH) made a donation to the Hospital Regional del Sur consisting of hospital materials and supplies, including 600 sets of hospital bedding, 96 sheets for pediatric use, more than 2400 medical uniforms for surgery and general consultation, 300 bath towels, 1080 hand towels, 96 pajamas for children and a number of surgical materials.

The support is aimed at improving and strengthening the quality of health services provided in this healthcare center. The donation is valued at more than L.2,782,000 and will contribute to better care to patients who visit this center and will now find themselves in a more comfortable and hygienic environment. Through this donation of hospital materials and supplies, an improved daily service will be offered at the center. Once again, FUNDESUR and OBH continue to contribute to the neediest people in the Southern zone.

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