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January Newsletter 2024 | FUNDESUR

Welcome to our news summary!

We begin 2024 with a firm commitment to promoting development and well-being in the southern region of Honduras. As the social arm of the shrimp farming industry, we are here not only to inform but to transform lives and communities.

Honduras Receives $11 Million in Medication Donation from MAP International

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the fourth container of medications and hospital supplies, thanks to the generous donation from MAP International, valued at over $11,350,000. This contribution is a significant boost for public health in Honduras. The donation includes vital items such as prenatal multivitamins, antibiotics, painkillers, antiallergics, antiparasitics, serums, and essential hospital supplies. All of this will be distributed to more than 25 institutions nationwide, expanding our reach and support to our communities. We give heartfelt thanks to MAP International for their ongoing commitment to the health of our country!

Getting Ready for the School Season!

We are finalizing the review of school kits for students in the coastal schools of southern Honduras. Our team is diligently ensuring that each student receives what they need for a successful and learning-filled year. This valuable tool will soon be in their hands!

New Health Unit in La Criba, San Lorenzo: Hope for 3,700 People

We build hope with the construction of the new Health Unit in La Criba, San Lorenzo. In partnership with the Humanitarian Foundation of Spanish Rotarians and the Xunta de Galicia, we are transforming healthcare in 10 communities in La Criba, San Lorenzo. Construction began on December 4, and we have already completed over 20% of the work. This project is more than a construction; it's a commitment to the health and well-being of over 3,700 people in the area. Soon, these communities will have access to modern, spacious, and comfortable facilities, ensuring the quality care they deserve.

Great News for the Inhabitants of the 10 Communities in San Bernardo, Namasigüe!

Great News for the Inhabitants of the 10 Communities in San Bernardo, Namasigüe!

The dream of having an optimal medical establishment is beginning to materialize with the start of construction of the new Primary Health Care Unit on January 4. In collaboration with Marks & Spencer and Seafreshgroup, we are proud to lead this transformative project. The old infrastructure, plagued by cracks, pests, poor ventilation and lighting, lack of space, and absence of adequate sanitary facilities, will soon be a thing of the past.

We Inaugurate the Chronic Clubs!

43 patients received personalized care and essential talks on preventive measures in the COVID era, and we were pleased to offer socks and insulin syringes to those in need. These clubs are fundamental as they provide support, education, and resources to people with chronic diseases, significantly improving their quality of life.

We Begin Our Volunteering Activities! 

We have already carried out a beautiful activity with young volunteers in our Green Shield nursery, where we learned to prepare the soil, which we then used to fill bags in which new seeds will be planted – future sources of oxygen, shade, fruit, and above all, life.

That's how we start 2024, full of initiatives and actions aimed at improving lives. Remember, we are shrimp farmers, dedicated to making a difference. We are shrimp farmers improving lives!

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