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Kindergarten Construction and repair of school located in the community of El Jiote, Marcovia

by Fundesur / News / 18 julio, 2018

The majority of primary schools in the rural zones of Honduras lack adequate conditions to have an efficient learning process. The classrooms are too small for the number of students they attend, have poor lighting, chairs in bad conditions or a complete lack of chairs and sometimes a dirt floor.

FUNDESUR, Cargill – Honduras and the City Hall of Marcovia completed the construction of a Kindergarten in the community of El Jiote, Marcovia, and the reparation of 2 classrooms in Ramón Rosa school from the same community. Both projects amount to an investment of L 579,508.00 and benefit 53 different children that live in this community. This investment also includes unskilled labor and rock materials. It is important to note, that this new kindergarten is equipped with bathrooms or restrooms, water tank, sinks, chairs and desks, library and blackboards.

Additionally, the children will be benefited with different kits valued at L 1,000.

This new project reinforces the commitment of FUNDESUR and Cargill – Honduras to improve education in the country.

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