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In an important alliance with TELETÓN HONDURAS, we are conducting a pilot test of a new medical service in our health centers, through the innovative mobile application DETECTA, it is possible to identify early some signs of disabilities in children from 0 to 5 years old and then transmit the cases to the Teleton Center, so that the little ones can be treated in a personalized way.

We have also initiated an educational project for people attending the health centers. In alliance with Fundación Infantil de España, we have developed a series of 19 videos that address medical topics in order to educate and provide interesting advice to parents on important aspects of child care, such as complementary feeding, pregnancy control, intestinal parasitosis, insect bites, lice, vaccinations, diabetes and overweight, among others. These videos are shown in the waiting rooms of the health centers and can be used by patients while they are waiting to be attended by our medical staff.

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