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Newsletter - April 2024 | FUNDESUR

We are transforming health in Honduras!

With immense gratitude, we announce the arrival of our fifth container of medications donated by MAP International, valued at over L 100,000,000. This contribution is a cornerstone for public health in Honduras, reinforcing our commitment to the well-being of the most vulnerable people.

This container brings a variety of essential medications such as antibiotics, antihistamines, antihypertensives, antifungals, and multivitamins for pregnant women. These will be distributed in more than 70 health facilities across the country, ensuring that our most vulnerable communities have access to vital medical treatments.

Our partnership with MAP International is strengthened and with it our commitment to the well-being of the Honduran population. Thanks to these donations, we are one step closer to ensuring that people have access to quality treatments and the healthcare they deserve.


What an incredible day we had in Guamerú Namasigüe! 

With hearts full of joy and hands full of paint, 22 volunteers dedicated 7 hours to transform the Esc. José Cecilio del Valle. With 3 classrooms and its perimeter wall now renewed, we have created a space full of color and hope for more than 65 children.

We learned the basics of painting and explored new techniques; it was truly a learning experience, fun, and above all, excellent teamwork.

Seeing the children's smiles at having a more beautiful school is our greatest reward. Knowing that this will motivate them to continue with their studies fills us with happiness. 


We have started the preparations for the construction of 40 sanitary modules in Los Prados Namasigüe!

With the invaluable support of our ally Costa Meeresspezialitäten, we have started the construction process of 40 sanitary modules. This project is more than just construction; it is a step forward towards solving one of the most critical issues in Honduras: basic sanitation.

In our country, limited access to adequate sanitation affects not only the health of our communities but also their socio-economic and environmental development. The lack of adequate sanitary infrastructure is a challenge many families face, putting their well-being at risk and exposing them to diseases.

The new sanitary modules in Los Prados represent a beacon of hope. They will not only improve the quality of life for 40 families but will also have a positive impact on public health by reducing the incidence of diseases related to inadequate sanitation. Additionally, by promoting hygienic practices, these modules contribute to environmental respect and the sustainable development of the community.

This project is an example of how working together, we can overcome challenges and build a better future for Honduras.


Medications for the people, a donation that is changing lives in Honduras!

After conducting a careful review and arrangement of the medications received from our ally MAP International, we are pleased to inform that we have started the distribution of the same.

This effort began by prioritizing health units where we manage medical presence, benefiting 6 in the department of Choluteca and 4 in the department of Valle.

The response from the villagers has been overwhelmingly positive, expressing immense gratitude and joy for this donation, especially in these critical times where the country faces a shortage of medications.


We are close to the goal, the new health unit of San Bernardo is about to be completed!

The new facilities are almost ready, reaching 90% progress in their construction.

Thanks to our alliance with Seafresh group and M&S, soon the inhabitants of the 10 communities of Namasigüe that attend this unit will have the place they deserve to receive quality medical care.


Joining forces for health in Honduras!

With the support of our valuable ally MAP International, we have made a significant donation valued at more than L 47,700,000 in medications and hospital supplies. This contribution has been delivered to the Secretary of Foreign Relations and International Cooperation through the Ambassador in Humanitarian Aid and will be distributed in different health centers with greater needs.

At a time when our country faces challenges in the supply of public health establishments, we are sure that this help arrives at a crucial moment.


Seven years of solidarity recognized by the Honduran Foundation for the Child with Cancer!

We are deeply grateful and honored to have received the Padrinos Platinum recognition from The Honduran Foundation for the Child with Cancer. For seven consecutive years, we have had the privilege of supporting this noble cause, helping to provide hope and vital assistance to children and their families facing the challenge of cancer.

This recognition reinforces our commitment to continue working for a future where no child has to fight this disease alone.



Solidarity and health!

This past Saturday, we had the honor of accompanying the Eleventh Infantry Battalion in an invaluable medical brigade. The event was held at the Rafael Pineda Ponce Basic Education Center in Barrio Alto Verde, San Lorenzo Valle.

Thanks to the joint effort, we managed to offer more than 185 medical consultations with the help of 4 dedicated doctors who work tirelessly in our communities. In addition, we provided 300 personal hygiene kits and 100 dental kits for children, ensuring healthier smiles.

We also distributed essential medications including antiallergics, antihypertensives, and treatments for diabetes, supporting the ongoing health of our communities.


Advances in the sanitary modules project in Los Prados 1 and 2 Namasigüe!

We are excited to share that we have completed the casting of the 3m³ pits and their respective top slabs.

Currently, we are working on the construction of walls, reaching a 40% progress in the entire project.

This effort is not just a construction but a step towards solving the serious sanitation issue facing Honduras, where many communities struggle daily with limited access to safe and efficient sanitary services.


Reactivating crucial exams for the health of our elderly!

We are excited to announce a significant donation of diapers and laboratory supplies for the Municipal Elderly Clinic in Choluteca, valued at more than L 66,000.

Aware of the importance of medical exams for our elders, this contribution will allow crucial services in the laboratory to be reactivated. Tests for diabetic patients, lipid profiles to measure blood fat levels, urine tests, and other essential sample collections can now be conducted again. We estimate that this batch will supply the laboratory for 3 to 4 months of tests.


Building Better Spaces for Learning!

In our commitment to education and student welfare, we are excited to announce a significant donation of construction materials valued at more than L. 190,000 to the Itsmania Institute in Amapala Valle. These materials will be directed for the construction project of sanitary modules and the manufacture of new desks.

Sanitary modules are essential to ensure the health and hygiene of students, providing a safe and suitable environment that favors learning and personal development. With these materials, more than 300 students will have access to renovated facilities that will significantly improve their daily educational experience.


Access to drinking water, a victory for two communities in Namasigüe!

We celebrate the completion of Water System Project #10 in the communities of Guamerú and Costa Azul Namasigüe. This important project, valued at more than L 2,825,000, includes an elevated tank with a capacity of 15,000 gallons, pumping network, electrical system, well, and distribution network with household connections.

Today, 126 households already enjoy access to vital water, with the quality and quantity they deserve. Thanks to this project, the inhabitants of these communities will no longer suffer from water scarcity nor will they have to walk long distances to obtain it.

This is a step forward in the fight against the water access issue facing Honduras, providing each family with the dignity and well-being they deserve. We are extremely excited and proud to contribute to this profound and necessary change.

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