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November 2023 Newsletter | FundeSur

Strengthening Community Health: Donation to the Choluteca Laboratory

We have reaffirmed our commitment to the health of the Choluteca community by making a significant donation of reagents and materials to the Gracias a Dios Laboratory at the Municipal Clinic for the Elderly. This action, valued at over L 54,900, aims to enhance the laboratory's responsiveness in a critical time, ensuring clinical analysis for the proper care of the elderly.

We continue transforming lives! Health Campaign in Montecristo and Montelimar, Namasigüe

Our doctor and nurse from the CIS Nueva Concepción carried out a fieldwork campaign in the communities of Montecristo and Montelimar, Namasigüe. Patients were vaccinated, talks on healthy eating were conducted, and oral hygiene was promoted, emphasizing the importance of prevention.

For a Healthy Smile: Dental Kits Donation

In collaboration with Colgate, we donated over 3,200 dental kits to children from 29 educational centers in Choluteca, Valle, and El Paraíso. This initiative emphasizes the importance of instilling oral hygiene habits from an early age, brightening smiles, and promoting dental health.

Building a Healthy Future: New Partnership in Honduras

We join forces with FHRE, the Humanitarian Foundation of Spanish Rotarians, and Xunta de Galicia to transform healthcare in 10 communities in the La Criba sector, San Lorenzo. We are initiating the construction of a new health center to strengthen the public health system, marking a radical change for the community.

We join the Pediatric Brigade in Choluteca

We participated in a Pediatric Brigade at the General Hospital of the South, Choluteca, with distinguished pediatric surgeons. We assessed 71 children and will perform up to 48 surgeries in 3 days, reducing the surgical waiting list by 20%. Committed to health and access to quality medical care for our children.

400 Obstetric Ultrasounds: Caring for Maternal and Child Health

Since February, we have introduced the obstetric ultrasound service in the 10 health centers where we have medical presence, conducting 400 ultrasounds. This tool is vital for the medical assessment of pregnancy and contributes to the well-being of mothers and their future babies.

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