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October 2023 Newsletter | FundeSur

News 1

We have taken a significant step forward by joining the "Conserving Coastal Ecosystems" project led by IUCN Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, in collaboration with USAID Honduras. This project focuses on the restoration of El Purgatorio estuary, an area that has suffered notable degradation and is in need of revitalization. At the core of this initiative is the goal to plant 27,000 red mangrove seedlings that, once mature, will contribute to rejuvenating the degraded environment, promoting biodiversity, and improving water quality. Beyond environmental aspects, we have actively engaged 50 local families in this project, instilling a sense of ownership and commitment to the protection and revitalization of their natural surroundings.

The preliminary phase of the project has been a resounding success. With reforestation areas clearly demarcated and nurseries established, everything is set and in perfect order for planting to commence in the second week of October. We are very optimistic about the positive impact this project will have, both on nature and the lives of the Guapinol community.

News 2

We continue to drive development with our 7th Barber Workshop! In Punta Ratón, Marcovia, under the "Yo Emprendo con FUNDESUR" training program, we enthusiastically inaugurated our 7th Barber Workshop. Barbering, more than an art, is a path for young individuals to chart a course towards financial independence and prosperity. On this occasion, 12 dream-filled young people enrolled to learn this age-old profession.

Despite Honduras' cultural and natural richness, it faces economic challenges, with over 2.4 million Hondurans encountering difficulties in the labor market, comprising a staggering 62% of the country's workforce. Our initiative becomes a beacon of hope amid adversity. These workshops are not just spaces for technical learning but also nurseries for entrepreneurs, empowering youth not only with haircutting skills but also with the ability to own their destinies, creating businesses that benefit not only their homes but entire communities.

News 3

The distribution of medicines received from MAP International is progressing well. We have now delivered 75.80% of the shipment to over 25 healthcare facilities across 7 departments nationwide. Our collaboration with MAP International has been crucial in alleviating Honduras' medicine shortage, significantly improving the quality of healthcare provided to Hondurans, especially those in vulnerable conditions.

News 4

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for health in Honduras! Thanks to the generosity of MAP International, we have donated medicines valued at over L 4,400,000 to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This donation includes pediatric antibiotics, prenatal vitamins, oral rehydration solutions, gastric protectors, deworming medications, analgesics, dermatological creams, antiallergics, and medications for epilepsy, hypertension, and thyroid conditions, among others. These medicines will reach populations in rural and hard-to-reach areas nationwide, enabling those who previously struggled to access quality healthcare to receive the treatment they need.

We extend our gratitude to MAP International for their ongoing support and for continuing to be a part of our mission to improve the health and well-being of our community.

News 5

We are excited to share another successful day of the Chronic Illness Club in the community of San Bernardo, Namasigüe. These clubs are an essential part of our "Health for Living" program. On this occasion, we provided personalized medical care, valuable talks on healthy eating, and distributed multivitamins in gummy form. Additionally, we ensured attention to detail by providing socks and oral rehydration solutions to a total of 44 patients.

The primary goal of our club is to provide special care to those battling chronic illnesses, creating spaces where they feel supported, understood, and, above all, cared for. We aim to empower them with information and resources that help them lead healthier and happier lives.

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