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Olive Ridley Turtle Protection Ban Period Begins

by Fundesur / News / 1 septiembre, 2020

The olive ridley turtle is categorized as a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). In addition to the pressure exerted by its natural predators, it must deal with the threat of humans, who use its meat and market its eggs. Most times they die due to suffocation, while being entangled in fishing nets.

As a member of the Gulf of Fonseca Verification and Control Commission (CVC), FUNDESUR joins the efforts for the preservation of the species by means of strengthening closure ban periods during the spawning seasons.

Today marks the beginning of 2020’s 25 day-long Ban, which will be carried out with support from local communities, who will collect the eggs and place them in shelters until hatching.

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