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Responsible Tire Management: Progress and Future in Choluteca and San Lorenzo

Since November 2021, in collaboration with the Herco Hardware Foundation and Cementos Argos Honduras, we have made significant progress in our Waste Tire Management program, which allows for environmentally friendly co-processing. 

To date, we have collected over 105,000 tires in Choluteca and San Lorenzo, representing the elimination of an equal number of potential mosquito breeding sites. A great step for public health and the environment. 

Last Friday, we held an important informative meeting with the participation of local authorities. This meeting allowed us to delve into the program's achievements and present the challenges we face to ensure its continuity. 

Thanks to a successful day, we identified key actions and initiatives that will help us maintain and expand the impact of this program. We remain committed to continuing to work to improve environmental and health conditions in our cities.

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